You will need
  • 1) Wooden paddle, dry Terry cloth.
  • 2) Fine salt, cotton cloth.
  • 3) the Salt sheet of white paper and a dry cloth.
  • 4) Soda, water, clean cloth, woolen cloth.
  • 5) Pencil for cleaning iron.
  • 6) Vinegar, gauze, woolen cloth.
  • 7) Tablet gidroperita, cloth.
If the sole of the iron left a stain from the burnt plastic, it can easily be removed if the sole of the iron has non-stick coating. Turn the iron on high, and wait until the stain has melted completely. Scrape off the stain using a wooden spoon, then wipe the iron with a dry Terry cloth.
Sprinkle on a damp cloth small bit of salt and RUB the burnt spot on the iron. Then wipe with a dry cotton cloth.
If the sole of the iron has a rust stain or a stain from the burnt matter, it is easy to remove with salt. Pour on a clean sheet of paper, fine salt, iron to heat and to spend some times with force on the surface of salt. Then wipe with a dry cloth.
Dilute baking soda with water to the consistency of porridge. Apply this solution on a piece of dry woolen cloth and RUB the cold sole of the iron. You can then wipe with a damp cloth, washing away the remnants of the soda.
In hardware stores sold a special pencil for cleaning iron, which easily will help you to cope with the removal of various stains from the surface of the iron.
If your iron leaves a stain when Ironing cloth, moisten a piece of gauze in vinegar and wipe the soleplate. After that iron you need to RUB a bit of woolen cloth.
If you have a tablet gidroperita, it will help to clean the iron. The cleaning process is best done in a well-ventilated room or on the balcony in order to avoid a pungent smell. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and slide the tablet peroxide on the contaminated surface of the iron. Will start to occur strong emission of gas from the tablets. Remove all loose layer of pollution particles tablets with a damp cloth. Wipe the soleplate dry with a clean cloth.