Arrange with neighbors to keep clean, put the junk Mat in front of the stairs to your site, organize a cleaning on the floor and try to prove to them how important this is. This step is the most difficult, as it is not always easy to negotiate with the neighbors, and if you live on the lower floors, and all the inhabitants of the whole entrance.
How to decorate your staircase
"Otrestavrirovali" room. Together with neighbors and arrange a small repair on the landing - replace floor covering, repaint the walls and the stairs. For simple stencils, which a great many on the Internet, spray paint or spray gun can make colorful patterns, or you can apply different cartoon characters, if the site there are a lot of children or you just love cartoons.
How to decorate your staircase
Fill the comfort of your porch. Your options are limited only by the terms and dimensions of the landing. Put the old pad, put some flowers on the window sill or put a bench next to a window, if it a particularly nice view. If your entrance is not visited by uninvited guests, you can decorate the entrance with paintings and crafts of your children. Private exhibition every day is a good way to please yourself and your child.
If your door still does not have a modern, secure doors, accessed only tenants of the house, be sure to do some fundraising for the installation and purchase of this design. Don't be afraid to take responsibility for this activity: you just need to pass on to tenants and collect the money. As soon as the money will be in find a center near you door installation and protect your fortress. That's all. The house was even a few steps closer!
How to decorate your staircase