You will need
  • Posters, balloons, ribbons, bows, stickers, flowers, light transparent fabric
Entrance outside decorate with balloons in the form of beautiful arches. Balloons filled with helium can be placed under the ceiling on the landing where the apartment of the bride.
Wash the floors in the entrance and before the arrival of the groom dish out them with rose petals and confetti.
The stairs and railings zadekorirovat light transparent fabric, which will hide the obvious shortcomings. Top of the fabric, attach garlands of flowers, bows or ribbons, and in stage set small floral arrangements, attaching them to the double sided tape.
On the walls hang posters with funny slogans and poetry on wedding theme. You can make a special poster with photos of the bride and groom. Thus, you not only decorate the wall but also hides their flaws.
Buy themed stickers in the shape of hearts, doves or cupids. Mount them on the wall and door entrance.
On the computer using photoshop program make special signs for entrance doors. At the entrance to the apartment, where he lives a young, put a sign "the Castle of the bride", and on the door of her room "Apartment Princess". To ransom a bit to confuse the groom make several of these plates and hang them on two or three doors.
On the door of the apartment of the bride place a small wreath of tulle, ribbons, beads, and flowers, in appearance a bit like Christmas, are only manufactured in a Bridal style. Over the door to hang the flags with the inscription "Here lives love" and photos of young.