Advice 1: How to clean the baby's ears.

Physiological processes in the cavity of the ear in children is similar to adults. The kids, as well as older people produced sulfur to be removed. That's just to clean ears child is not desirable in the usual sticks. At this age, the ear drum is still not fully formed, it is closer to the end of the auditory canal, i.e. to the sink. Perform hygienic procedures should be regularly, but with caution.
How to clean the baby's ears.
Clean a baby's ears only baby cotton swabs. They are safe and can't go deep in the ear canal. They are made by special technology and is considered the physiological features of the structure of the ear. By the way, these sticks are suitable for cleaning ears of an adult.
Once you escopeta child, he will clean the earsto remove excess moisture and sulfur. To do it after the wash because the moisture trapped in the ear, already soaked all the dirt. Gently clean the ear of sulfur, but to clean the ear canal is undesirable, and unnecessary altogether. Sulfur serves as a barrier that protects the inner ear from contact with pathogenic microbes, so to remove it is not necessary.
If your child is bothering the ear, and you noticed that a lot of sulphur in it, please contact Laura. The doctor will examine and, if necessary, cleanse the ear canal of the baby. To do this the doctor much easier, knowing the more subtle features of the structure of the ear and having a special device.
Useful advice
While cleaning the ears of a child do not use any oil they can hurt. If you need to moisten the ear, use plain boiled water, which just immerse a cotton swab for a few seconds.

Advice 2 : How to clean the ears of the baby

Ears toddlers in need of constant care. But every young mother's occupation is given difficult, if she doesn't know how to clean the ears of your baby correctly.
How to clean the ears of the baby

Take hygiene of your ears is best in the process of bathing. Bathing your baby should happen in the warm water, but in any case not hot, use only soft loofah. Lift the baby's head and hold it in their hands.

Wash ears well suited soaked in warm water a towel or cotton pad and most importantly, do not use soap. Gently wipe the auricle kid with his hand.

Don't forget to wipe the place behind the ears, as there are quite often dirty. Moistened towel or cotton wool to wipe the outside of the ear of the baby. Then wipe the ear with a dry towel.

Next we'll need a cotton swab with a limiter. Slowly insert the stick into the ear but not very deep, and gently start to rotate it in a circle. With a stick you will be able to clean the ear canals of a child.

While cleaning the ears, don't forget about the child. See that the baby was cozy and warm. If necessary, wrap it in a clean warm towel to cold.


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