Clean a baby's ears only baby cotton swabs. They are safe and can't go deep in the ear canal. They are made by special technology and is considered the physiological features of the structure of the ear. By the way, these sticks are suitable for cleaning ears of an adult.
Once you escopeta child, he will clean the earsto remove excess moisture and sulfur. To do it after the wash because the moisture trapped in the ear, already soaked all the dirt. Gently clean the ear of sulfur, but to clean the ear canal is undesirable, and unnecessary altogether. Sulfur serves as a barrier that protects the inner ear from contact with pathogenic microbes, so to remove it is not necessary.
If your child is bothering the ear, and you noticed that a lot of sulphur in it, please contact Laura. The doctor will examine and, if necessary, cleanse the ear canal of the baby. To do this the doctor much easier, knowing the more subtle features of the structure of the ear and having a special device.