In the same way as an adult, in the ear of the baby has its own filter, check the small debris. Thanks to him, they do not penetrate into sensitive inner ear departments. This filter acts as a natural lubricant – wax. Be aware that the ear can clean itself, getting rid of unwanted things without your help. Old sulphur thus gradually washed away, or leaves the auditory canal, and in the meantime in its place a new one.
Wash the ear of the baby during daily bathing. After the procedure, wipe the ears with a towel or diaper. One or two times a week can use to cleanse the outer part of the ear crumbs small flagellum of twisted gauze. The flagellum can moisten baby oil or boiled water. Then just carefully remove sulfur collected at the exit of the ear canal, gently RUB the ear. This is enough to the ears of the child were clean. Do the flagella of wool is not necessary to exclude the possibility that a piece of it accidentally remains in the ear of the baby.
Some parents take the sulfur in the dirt and regularly try to remove it from the baby's ears. Be aware that actually this is not necessary. Moreover, by doing so, you can only hurt the baby. Trying to deep clean the ear of the baby with a cotton swab, you can accidentally injure the wall of the external auditory canal, and eardrum. In addition, when such manipulations sulphur is not only not leaving, but will be more deeply rammed in the ear of the baby, i.e. the cleaning target is still not reached. And the resulting sulfuric stopper will have to be eliminated, without the help of a doctor.