Select the talisman in accordance with the sign of the Zodiac and the Eastern horoscope. Each sign of the Zodiac corresponds to a particular element – water, earth, fire or air. You can pick up a talisman with the image of your Zodiac sign (each of them has the typical character) or select the object close to your element (image, figure, etc.). The year in which you were born, involves the protection of certain animal – book in the jewelry Department silver figure and wear it around the neck as an amulet.
Pick up a stone that matches your horoscope or the color of eyes, peculiarities of temperament or character. You can buy ready-made pendants, which are represented on the shelves of jewelry, or to find a specific stone, drill a hole in it and hang on the rope. As a rule, the impact of the stone does not have to hold back, so it's best to wear these talismans without case.
Select as a talisman, a family heirloom – it can be a decoration, garment, other relics. These things are very strong energetically as they absorb the spirit of a generation. They're influenced by the strongest traits of the person who wore them or kept in the hands. If the subject has a positive and happy story, feel free to use it as a talisman.
In some cultures it is customary to use as a talisman, protecting from evil forces, prayers. Write them down on small slips of paper, fold and sew in small canvas bags. To wear such amulets should be near the heart, so they attach to durable laces and fasten on the neck.
Use Chinese philosophy, which gives the figurines defined magical properties. You can put on your Desk a money frog to attract money, and a purse to put coins, connected with a red ribbon (so it was always full).
Record all unusual events that occurred to you. If something stopped you, was saved from a wrong, something small or something that was in your hands in these circumstances, select this item as an amulet.