Advice 1: How to defeat your enemies

Enemies can win, but not as quickly as we would like. For starters, you need to determine what kind of enemies you want to win. After all, enemies can be called insects. As to the victory, for someone to win in a major dispute, it means to defeat the enemy. From how correctly you will identify enemies, will depend on the extent of your victory over them. So, let's begin.
He that overcometh shall not pass, but the passer can't win
You will need
  • Skills good communication
Defeat the harassment of colleagues. Unfortunately, the work place can become a battlefield, where psychological harassment is becoming a key weapon. If you were harassed, don't panic. As soon as possible, try to resolve the misunderstanding. Look for someone to blame for their acquittal purposes meaningless. Don't take their colleagues as coalition forces, but find the approach to each individual. Respectful and unobtrusive, trying to defuse the situation, ask specific questions to the main izdevatel.Watch your words. It is important not only what you say, but how you deal with provocateurs. A good guide for you to serve as a Council of the wise king Solomon: "a Gentle answer turns away wrath, but a hurtful word stirs up anger."The friendliness and warmth can melt the ice of mistrust and prejudice. Maintain a friendly attitude. Of course, this does not mean you have become a flatterer and toady. You don't have to meekly follow all heaved at you work and compromise their principles for the sake of victory.
Defeat their habits. According to the canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail, more than 14% of the population enslaved nervous habits. We are talking about such habits as the winding of the hair on the finger, stomping, or shaking leg, biting nails. According to Paul Kelly of the doctor-psychologist such actions are explained by the tension of the person "captured" and in need of help to overcome stress. According to the aforementioned newspaper, according to experts, it is possible to develop a strategy and learn how to prevent a similar. Noticing a nervous movement, you need to focus on the calm positive aspects.Besides, a lot of people defeated such habits as a tendency to delay for tomorrow, excessive sitting watching TV, aimless shopping. With whatever had to fight to you personally, be sure in his victory.Bad habits are like paths through which the person goes for dozens of years. But, if you start to blaze new paths, old overgrown just. "Lay" a new way of action in recurring situations. You don't have to stay the course of thinking.Let another incentive to win will be the realization that bad habits is a cruel Lord.
Defeat despair. Personal shortcomings or the shortcomings of others sometimes introduce us into a state of frustration. In this case, we need to admit that to be fully protected from any careless words or thoughtless act is impossible. However, it is not necessary to raise the white flag, allowing the winner to take away your joy.Such an enemy as the depression, sometimes you can win thanks to a good rest and meal. Big problems seem much smaller if how to sleep. But if in this way the problem is not solved, then you need authoritative help allies to defeat despair.The necessary encouragement can be obtained from Mature friends. But in this case you need to take the initiative. No blaming, share your experiences. Specifically, which events have knocked you off track and what needs to change. Ask for advice.Taking help, courageously and without standing in personal challenges, such as hurt feelings or loss of a loved one, you gain another victory. Thousands were able to defeat the despair and to continue to live a full life.
Come to choose your friends very carefully.
Useful advice
Raise their self-esteem. Remember that each of us means far more than any momentary opinions and prying.

Advice 2 : How to deal with the enemy

People by nature just cannot communicate with their own kind. At home, at work, on vacation there are certainly "good guys" with whom we can have a great time. But often the circumstances are such that you have to deal with unpleasant people. It is therefore very important to know how to behave with his enemies.
How to deal with the enemy
Try to distance yourself from the enemy. This is the easiest way to avoid conflicts. The less you will see the unpleasant person, the less there will be occasion for squabbles and quarrels. And this need in order not to waste your nerves in vain.
Determine the type of your enemy, if you avoid communicating with him will not succeed. Of course, very handy when the enemy can just stop calling, meet him, etc. But if you have to communicate with this person daily? For example, your enemy is the colleague. Then before you do anything, you need to determine who is this man: a troublemaker, a gossip or a whiner. Each of them has its own way of neutralization.
Ignore all the antics of the rowdy. This type of people is different because they do not care with whom, how and for what reason to fight. They get pleasure from the process. Your ignoring their cries will bring to nothing all their efforts to rile you up. Answering the attacks of the enemy, you'll just play along with it and thereby exacerbate their situation. Agree that people in constant conflict with someone, are more likely to succeed.
Stop to say anything to the gossip. This category of enemy is the most dangerous because they operate surreptitiously. First, the gossip seem to be "best friends", they are part listen to all your complaints, assent to all the observations, regret and calm you down. But after a while you start to catch quizzical looks and hear the laughter behind him. Eliminate all conversations relating to superiors or influential people, if you are faced with gossip not at work. The less information you give, the less reason to reproach you in any way.
Copy the behavior of a whiner when dealing with him. Such people are often wasting your time and may be substituted at any time. They constantly complain about their lives. To cease to be a "vest" for such a person, just start to tell him how bad all of you. After a while you will forget that this man brought you any inconvenience.

Advice 3 : Former employees are not enemies

In many companies there comes a time when an employee who has served for the company a large amount of time, decides to change the activity or finds another, better offer, probably the competition.
Not business communication

Not worth from such an employee to make a potential enemy, or break all contact with him, a man still can play service not only in human relationships but can help in the promotion of business. Plays favorite the human factor.

Even after retiring nobody can predetermine how will the employee work in the new company. There is absolutely no guarantee that he will stay there to work, for two reasons: he could promise the conditions that in fact are not complied with, a new employer may not like an employee. Then there is the opportunity to get a valuable asset back in service.

If the employee at the new place, things went uphill, you can always ask how he's doing. This is best done in an informal setting. Then the conversation he can share important information that can help to rebuild in time their work and benefit. Sounds like the old Russian proverb: "forewarned is forearmed".

Another alternative, which may happen in the future, cooperation of several companies into one large holding. Then such a worker could become an ally and partner. In the presence of normal human relationships, such a person would be much easier to create something completely new and to make the collaboration most fruitful.

Business is a predictable process, but even the most experienced analysts can't always predict future changes. So you need to be ready for anything, this could be a high rise and a very sick drop, but maintaining a friendship or just good relations in any case will play a role. A former employee who joined a new job, will always be able to recommend another employee, a professional in the business as my replacement.

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