You will need
  • Any modern web browser.
Copy the url of the page which You want to carry out, to the clipboard. To do this, select the page address in the address bar of the browser. Then click the right mouse button in any area of the address bar. In the context menu select "Copy".
Copy the URL of the page
Open in a web browser address You will be taken to the page of online translator of Google. This is a fast and quality translator that supports translation between dozens of languages with the ability to determine the source language of the translated document. In addition to the text, directly entered by the user on the page, the service supports translation of web pages, and interesting.
Google Translator
Select the options for text translation. Click the following inscription "language:" on the page of Google translator. Opens a drop-down list of supported languages. In the list, click on the name of the language in which the written text of the page you want to translate. If you are not sure about the language selection, select "Determine automatically". Likewise, in the list following inscription:" Russian language.
The choice of parameters of the translated text
Paste the URL of the translated page in the field below the list of languages. Right-click in any part of this field and from the appearing context menu, select "Paste". Text links appear in the right side of the page interpreter.
Enter the address of the translated page
Click on the link provided in the results of the translation. Just click on this link with the left mouse button. Or open the context menu by clicking right-click and open in a new window or a new browser tab, selecting the appropriate item.
Page, translated by Google