You will need
  • Pliers, wrenches of different sizes, fresh parole.
Disassemble the sofa to find out the cause of failure.Unscrew the side of the sofa with a wrench of the appropriate size.Remove them and verify the integrity of the mechanisms that hold the backrest and seat of the sofa. In case of wear or breakage replace these mechanisms.
Remove the seat and backrest of the sofa. This can be done using the same wrench size you need. Separate the backrest from the seat and start dismantling those parts of the sofa.Remove the old cover, which in most cases is fixed by clip with pneumocephaly.
Remove the spring unit from the sofa frame for easier repair.Repair broken springs on the block by replacing. Using pliers, remove them and this is the place to install the new spring, and fix the sagging springs, stretching them with your hands.Install a ready-made unit in its place and nail it to the frame with nails.
Do the same thing with the seat of the sofa, but please note that the spring seats wear out much faster, so increase the elasticity of your couch. For this you will need the old foam, cut into small pieces and multiple layers of heavy material such as old blankets. The spring unit firmly tamp the foam and cover material. All this fasten with small nails. Put new foam and attach to the frame pneumocephalus. Pull the old, pre - washed case, or buy a new one to your taste material to cover. The fabric must be stretched uniformly and strongly, to fit tightly to all parts of the sofa.
Put in place all the mechanisms and connect all the parts of the sofa together.That completed the repair of your old sofa, but instead, you got a virtually new, and made by your hands. You can now take the approving glances of your loved ones and friends.