You will need
  • - seeds or seedlings Basil
  • - soil mix
  • - pots
Basil still southern plant, so its cultivation is not enough just to throw the seeds in the open ground and wait for the harvest. If you set a goal to plant Basil in the garden or the cottage, you will have to either buy seedlings or grow it yourself.
By the beginning of April, prepare the boxes with potting soil, which can act as an ordinary garden soil with a small admixture of sand. Do in the land of small grooves, spread them seeds at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other. Sprinkle them with a thin layer of soil, water generously, leave in a warm, well-lighted place.
After a few days you will have the first shoots. If you want to plant out Basil in separate pots and wait for shoots thrown out for 4 leaf. At the time of transfer into the soil the seedlings Basilica stands about 7-8 inches, has strong stems and lots of leaves.
In the garden dig a hole with a depth of 8-10 cm, then move the seedlings Basilica together with the basal ground. The remains of the soil in the pot, mix with rotted compost, sprinkle with it the roots of transplanted plants, tamp the soil and water generously to her.
Between individual plants leave a distance of not less than 20 centimeters. When the Basil will root and touched in growth, pridobiti its top to encourage the plant to the throwing side shoots.