To receive fresh greens at home choose early maturing varieties of small plants, which have short-term maturity. As containers for growing use boxes (wooden, plastic), containers, pots, vases, cups from the dairy products, etc. In a large container you can plant several types of plants, such as fennel, celery, and parsley.
For growing greens make a soil of peat, soil, sawdust and sand in equal proportions. Soil can be purchased at a specialty store. As drainage at the bottom of the tank put the clay pellets or pebbles.
Parsley at home is obtained by distillation from the roots or by sowing seeds in the soil. Planting material can be purchased in the vegetable section of the supermarket. Choose for planting healthy roots with apical buds, no signs of decay, having an average size and weight of 30-60 g.
Moisten the soil and plant the roots in rows 2-3 cm Tops should be covered with soil. Too long the roots of the plant inclined or pre-cut.
Parsley seeds pre-soak for days in water and then sow at a depth of 0.5 cm, Leave the container of seeds in a dark place before crop emergence. When the first seedlings, to thin out the parsley. The plants should be at a distance of 4 cm, the Optimum temperature for growing parsley in the home is 22-24C
When watering make sure the soil was not too wet or dry. 3 weeks after thinning parsley to feed a universal fertilizer. Harvest herbs on a windowsill at home, get after 6 weeks. From each plant only peel off half of the leaves to enable it to recover.
For more greens planted in the soil the bulbs at a distance of 1 cm from each other. Cover them with soil layer of thickness not less than 1 see Grow onions on light, watering it with warm water.
Basil seeds plant without pretreatment. After emergence to feed the greens. Water Basil daily since it likes moisture. In the winter it will need extra lighting. Remove the flower stalks when they appear, then Basil is going to live longer.
Grow fennel at home is very simple. Wisata seeds into the soil, lightly covering them with earth, and water. After 2 weeks, the first shoots appear, and after a month it is possible to tear the greens.