Advice 1: How to plant cilantro

Cilantro, aka coriander is the dream of every housewife. It is used for baking and canning. Healing properties of coriander was known in ancient times. Perhaps not so many diseases in which this miracle grass would not help to alleviate the suffering. Cilantro can be grown as house, and balcony or even on the windowsill. However, the latter is more complicated – cilantro though not very capricious, but still has some peculiarities.
Cilantro - the dream of any housewife
Prepare the garden bed. If you are just beginning to build your plot, select to coriander place where growing perennial grass. To mow the grass, dig up the ground and mix the soil with cut grass. Cilantro grows best in light soil, so if necessary, you can add the sand. Plot for coriander needs to be well lit and clean.
Mark furrows. Coriander should be planted not very deep – not more than 10 cm the Optimal distance between the furrows is 40-50 cm.
Soak seeds. It is better to use a natural stimulator of growth – for example, aloe juice. In this case, the seeds will germinate faster.
Sow the seeds, cover them with earth. If you are planting coriander in the winter, the more you won't need, just have to wait till spring.
Coriander does not like weeds, so it is necessary periodically to weed. Remove any weeds as soon as sprouts appear. Do this a few more times until cilantro is not consolidated. Mature plants are frequent weeding is not need, they are able to handle any weeds.
Harvest cilantro you can get a few times over the summer. If you have the opportunity to highlight a few coriander garden beds in early spring, sow the seeds on one of them in two weeks for another and so on. Plant cilantro in the course of one summer need different beds.
If you want to grow cilantro on the balcony, make a long box. On the bottom sprinkle of crushed stone – should be good drainage. Pour the mixture of soil and sand. Make shallow furrows and sow seeds in the same way as on a bed. But on a heavily shaded balcony cilantro to grow are unlikely to want, so will have to either abandon the idea or to do artificial lighting. On the windowsill is also possible to grow coriander, but better to do it in the country and are ready to transplant the Bush.
Plant cilantro can and fall. In this case, you can in early spring to obtain an excellent seasoning to the table. But the plant in the winter, only in the case if winters in your region is not particularly harsh. The temperature to -10 when snow conditions are good, the coriander brings peace.
Useful advice
You can plant cilantro in early spring when the air is still warm above 8°. The soil should be moist.

Advice 2: How to grow cilantro

Cilantro (coriander) has been known since antiquity. It is prevalent around the world as odoriferous a culture with a strong smell. This plant is most like in the Eastern countries. People use the young leaves of coriander as a spice to flavor meat and vegetable dishes, sauces, and raw – for salads.
How to grow cilantro
In order to grow cilantro, you need to start to prepare the soil. For cilantro best suited to light, sandy and loamy soil. The reaction environment should be neutral or slightly alkaline. Coriander is a hardy plant, so it is best planted in early spring. It was at this time that the soil has high moisture. The plant should bear a good harvest. You need to sow the seeds in rows. The amount of seed on 1 sq meter of the area of 2.5 g of seeds. Shoots will appear in 2-3 weeks after sowing.
If you want to plant coriander in a greenhouse, then it should be done in February-March. The stalks will be formed already at 40 days after germination of seeds. By this time the plant will have a strong leaves, and a pretty good yield. In later crops the stalks will form much faster. Leaf weight of the plant is still small and the yield is correspondingly lower. If you put the plant in February or March, you will need to do a cutting of the plant. Definitely need to leave the stalk of the stem to a height of 7 inches. If you'll be the first to start the cut with late planting, then the plant just dies. When sowing of coriander you need to consider some features. You need to consider that the crops in may and June will be faster to form the stems. The plant will still have a weak foliage. Crops in July-August have a longer period from planting to formation of flower stalks.
Cilantro is a plant long day. If there will be a reduction in day length, the plant development will slow down, you experience a growth rate of greenery. If you are growing coriander for greenery, then be sure to follow the formation of stalks. They primarily have a detrimental impact on the greens.
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