Prepare the garden bed. If you are just beginning to build your plot, select to coriander place where growing perennial grass. To mow the grass, dig up the ground and mix the soil with cut grass. Cilantro grows best in light soil, so if necessary, you can add the sand. Plot for coriander needs to be well lit and clean.
Mark furrows. Coriander should be planted not very deep – not more than 10 cm the Optimal distance between the furrows is 40-50 cm.
Soak seeds. It is better to use a natural stimulator of growth – for example, aloe juice. In this case, the seeds will germinate faster.
Sow the seeds, cover them with earth. If you are planting coriander in the winter, the more you won't need, just have to wait till spring.
Coriander does not like weeds, so it is necessary periodically to weed. Remove any weeds as soon as sprouts appear. Do this a few more times until cilantro is not consolidated. Mature plants are frequent weeding is not need, they are able to handle any weeds.
Harvest cilantro you can get a few times over the summer. If you have the opportunity to highlight a few coriander garden beds in early spring, sow the seeds on one of them in two weeks for another and so on. Plant cilantro in the course of one summer need different beds.
If you want to grow cilantro on the balcony, make a long box. On the bottom sprinkle of crushed stone – should be good drainage. Pour the mixture of soil and sand. Make shallow furrows and sow seeds in the same way as on a bed. But on a heavily shaded balcony cilantro to grow are unlikely to want, so will have to either abandon the idea or to do artificial lighting. On the windowsill is also possible to grow coriander, but better to do it in the country and are ready to transplant the Bush.