To begin, decide which room you will share. It is better to select the biggest in the apartment, because in the same room receive two Autonomous constructive areas: for leisure and entertaining.
When planning the location of bedroom and living room in one room, consider not only their purpose, but the wishes of all family members, time when they are going to be in each of obtained zones.
To separate it is not necessary to make alterations to the apartment. To divide the room into zones by using furniture, curtains, screens. It is also possible to use a different color of Wallpaper and textures of flooring in each part of the room, which will also create the effect of the separation of the intended zone.

As a dividing furniture use shelving, closets, furniture wall - they will make your room a few sound-insulated.

Also, use plasterboard partitions, folding screens. Another option – hang curtains that give the room a certain boundary for each zone. As the material, apply a dense fabric.
Before you put furniture or a screen, take measurements of the room and draw an accurate plan. For each zone (living room and bedroom) decide how much space you are willing to take. The area of each zone depends on its functionality and the number of people that will be there. In our case, most of the room make the living room and take the smaller bedroom.
Verify that each resulting area was the availability of a sufficient number of outlets on and offline coverage. If necessary, move the sockets to a new location or make additional. In the bedroom and living room set your own light sources.
Dividing the room into bedroom and living room, remember that area should be comfortable and functional, the interior needs to be balanced, not overloaded with various items and pieces of furniture. The message between the areas should be comfortable and free. In this case, you will receive a comfortable stay in the apartment with a small number of rooms will not feel slighted. Smart redevelopment will delight you and your family for their comfort and functionality.