What material is used

For the manufacture of decorative walls using lightweight materials, such as drywall, plywood, Board, wooden paneling, stained glass, live climbing plants, papyrus paper or stained glass. In the manufacture of decorative walls do not use such a heavy material like bricks and concrete blocks.

Forms of decorative partitions

Since any partition is designed to separate large room space into separate zones, they can be made in different versions and of any material, it all depends on where to split the room.

The partition between the kitchen and dining area

It was convenient to the hostess, a large kitchen can be divided into two zones — a place where to prepare food and dining part. This is usually done in the form of a bar which one end part is in contact with the wall, and the second end part can be designed as a finished model or in the form of a pillar of square or round shape. Part of the column from the living room can be covered with decorative plaster or painted, but the original will look and finish of natural or artificial stone. And from the kitchen in the post can be mounted sliding drawers for small kitchen utensils. In the bar from the kitchen you can also install kitchen cabinets, which creates a more comfortable environment for the hostess, as she had to put pots and pans and also bulk products. Finish the bar perform the same color as the walls.

Decorative room divider between the private office and living room

Usually the living room zoned in order to allocate space for a personal account. But in order to preserve the lightness of the room, this partition can be made easy decoration in the interior. This partition can be made in the form of an arch, the arch of which are lined with wood with decorative carvings and decoration of the arches smoothly into a decorative wall made in the form of pass-through cells of different size which are connected together in the form of shelves. Pass-through shelves allow natural light to penetrate deep into the living room that creates a comfortable environment. On the shelves you can put books, decorative vases or statues, and occasionally indoor flowers. Also this decorative wall can be built aquarium with exotic fish.