Now let's talk about making Mead at home. Boil in an enamel saucepan, 2 liters of water, then pour it 300 gr. of honey, stir so the honey doesn't burn, and then simmer for about 3-5 minutes, periodically removing the foam.
Once the foam ceases to stand out and add to the pan 5 oz. hop cones (you can buy in the pharmacy), spatocco nutmeg and cinnamon, stir again, remove from heat and cover with a lid. In sweet water, dissolve the bread yeast in the volume of one teaspoon. An hour should begin bubbling. This means that the yeast is ready.
Wait until the honey solution has cooled to a temperature of 40-50oC, pour the yeast in there, then put it all to the fermentation at a temperature of 25-30oC under the hood. After a few hours on the surface will form foam. This is a sure sign that it began an intensive fermentation.
It is best to produce fermentation in tank with seal water instead of Mead you have not got the vinegar. The beverage is poured into the jar, close it tight lid. Then the lid needs to make a small hole and insert the hose. Hose connection with cap should also be sealed. It is necessary that the vessel of Mead hose was slightly higher than the water level, and the second end of the hose needs to be lowered into another vessel with water.
In principle, you can make Mead without water seal, just covering the pan with a lid. After five days fermentation should be over. Check, ended the fermentation or not, in two ways: by means of a match and the disappearance of foam on the surface. In the first case, the lid is carefully opened, and the pot paid a burning match. If it stays on, it means the fermentation is finished. The resulting liquid, pour into plastic bottles (through cheesecloth), filling them no more than nine-tenths of the volume. Then screw the lid tightly and place the bottle in the fridge, that Mead stood off. After 4-5 days the drink is ready for consumption. The taste of it is pleasant, easy to drink.