Recognize the right to error and imperfection. It's impossible to know everything, you cannot be always and everywhere perfect in everything. If you have failed, not fiksiruesh on this and don't take the incident as a tragedy. In any case do not spare yourself. It will only lead to feelings of helplessness. Regarded the failure as a new incentive to improve their own capabilities. Send all forces to eliminate the consequences of the incident.
Make a list of their own achievements and victories. Note, however, that it should be things that are important to you, not something global. You can put on such a list, for example, a driver's license or learning a foreign language. Regularly re-read list. This will enhance self-esteem. Also don't forget to add to the list of your latest achievements.
Focus on their strengths and positive qualities of character: this reinforces the self-esteem. If you focus only on the shortcomings, it will lead to the opposite effect. You can even, as in the previous tip, make a list of the strengths of their character and regularly review it.
Do what brings you pleasure. Dissatisfaction with oneself is very often develop due to the fact that a person performs daily work, which is not soul. When a person is engaged in, that he likes, he feels his importance, and, therefore, directly contributes to raising self-esteem. If the work that you do does not suit you, but you can't change it, try to devote to his hobby of their free time.
Help others. Do things that you yourself almost nothing, but give positive attitude from other people. You can, for example, to help an elderly neighbor to carry the package, or to help a young mother to throw into the entrance of the carriage. Such actions will give you the opportunity to feel their value and usefulness.