First you need to determine your values. For example, if you need time, you need to learn how to dispose of them. Op – and you become more confident. The same applies to the values of "work". To become more confident, you need to pay attention to this area. If you build a career, you instantly see positive changes.

You also need to spare money for yourself. What does it mean? No, in any case, not greed. It is generally very harmful. This refers to the investments in its development. In the future it will bring much more money. In General, remember: there is no skill that would pay off.


How to invest in yourself? To do this, you can sign up for courses, training, learn to drive, to make a beautiful image. By the way, not only other people you meet on clothes, and you will too. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to their appearance. But no need to dwell. Remember that neatness is a necessity for a confident man. But if too much attention to focus on the exterior, it ends with confidence. It is very hard not to become too self-confident personality when you don't know how to be confident, not a man with high self-esteem.

Where do does self-confidence in insecure? Because on the inside they continue to feel that they are vulnerable? What is the reason? Here everything is simple. There is such a thing as learning through observation. This term hails from behavioral psychology. A man looks at other, more confident than he is. And all their behaviours absorb as templates. It turns out that he's acting more confident. However, a notorious person lacks flexibility. He knows models are self-confident people only on the pixel level. But life is full of exceptions. Therefore confident man should strive to be flexible.