Learn how to hide their true emotions. Demeanor and communication style can say a lot. Insightful people instinctively can read the body language of the interlocutor and make the appropriate conclusions. Insecurity, fear, restraint, shyness, timidity will be immediately noticeable. The person with low self-esteem will be considered a loser, a coward and a doormat, especially regarding men. If you have problems in life, you suffer failure and do not want to Wake up in the morning, you better learn to keep those feelings to yourself. If all of your appearance suggests that you're feeling bad and sad, do not count on someone's compassion and understanding.
Don't slouch. Bad posture has become a real problem of modern man. Round-shouldered man looks depressed, insecure, and tired. Need to train yourself sitting, standing and while walking keep your back straight. You will look much better.
Do not look down. If you always look away or down or to the side, then immediately appear to his companion passive and insecure. Learn to look directly at the person with whom you are speaking, but not worth all the time to concentrate and look only at the eyes. The ideal point is the area between the eyes and mouth.
Do not give in to vanity. Many people start during a serious conversation to fuss and panic. Many people start to fidget on a chair, actively gesticulating, shake a leg, to pull at the foreign objects in his hands. They create an atmosphere of nervousness that is certainly passed around, and someone this behavior is pretty annoying.
Watch the speech. Good clear diction and the ability to competently Express your thoughts help to make others. Learn to swallow the words, not to hurry and not to get high notes. Your voice should show confidence and strength of character.
A firm handshake says about your character. Stretch the palm perpendicular to the floor. Shake hands firmly, but at the same time not too much.
Follow their appearance. Untidiness and carelessness in clothes can cause rejection from others. Try to always look presentable and then in any situation you will feel comfortable and confident.