Changing attitudes to failure

As you know, true success comes only through their own mistakes, their realization and working on yourself so you should accept failure as a component of well-being. People not making mistakes are not successful. Do not blame yourself for every mistake.

The impact of exercise on self-esteem

Psychologists proved that began to exercise the man in the mirror immediately begins to seem more attractive. Regardless of the actual results, exercise or charge by themselves convince us that the appearance becomes better. Therefore, do not need to set difficult goals. Simply begin and it will immediately bear fruit.

Mirror or "I am the most/the most

Self-hypnosis is not as simple technique as it seems at first glance. Should look at myself in the mirror, but not to dwell on details that do not suit you. It's better to find something that you like and more likely to notice its advantages. Feel free to make compliments to myself, but not only external but also internal.

Attitude to criticism

Regardless of good or bad a person really, there will always be someone who will be unhappy with it. Especially if he's moving up. In this case, all those who remained behind, are strongly lowered it verbally. But such criticism does not mean that you are doing something wrong. In most cases - quite the contrary.

Comparing yourself to others

Doing all of this, but the biggest mistake is that their weaknesses and failures, people tend to compare with other advantages. You need to explain to yourself that each has its strengths and weaknesses. The difficulty one, does not leave the other.

The best therapy is to stop focusing and doing things you love, because it best takes away the unnecessary thoughts out of your head and helps to move forward. Remember, inaction is the cause of all troubles.