You should know that to translate the website to another hosting, you can only if you are the owner of the domain name under which your Internet resource. If you have a domain, find a new host that meets all of your requirements, and pay his services for a couple of months. This time is enough to test the quality of the hosting services.
By signing up for the hosting, find it in his reference materials for information about DNS-servers. It is for this data mapping is the domain name and specific web hosting. Names are usually two.
Go to the website of the Registrar's own domain name, enter your username and password (they have to be), log in to the control panel of domain. Find the fields with names of DNS servers and replace the old names of new. Save the changes.
The process of mapping a domain and hosting takes about a day. During this time, put a copy of your site on the new hosting, all website files place in the folder public_html. After completion of the procedure "bind" your website will begin to open at the same address, but will already be placed at the new location. The move of the site are encouraged to post on the main page a message about a possible temporary interruption in work.
In that case, if you created a website on a free hosting and use provided to you by domain, painless to move a resource to another location will not work. A similar situation arises in the case if you allowed the host to register you domain. You can't move to another site, as the domain you used for the registration of which is paid, belongs to host. Never agree to such proposals, register the domain yourself.
In order to translate this site to another hosting service, first register your new domain name. Then download all the pages onto the computer and edit them using any suitable application capable of working with HTML. You'll need the AutoCorrect mode to change the first part of all links and replacing it with a new domain name. Place the page on the hosting site, assign to it a new domain. Check the functionality of the website. Remove all pages from the old site and instead, at the main page, place an ad about moving to a new domain showing.