Zrazy Polish.
Chicken fillet (400 g) cut into chunks diagonally from the direction of the fibers in the thickness where-that approximately at 1 cm, slightly to beat off, salt them a bit. Mid-beated, put a rectangular piece of cream-vegetable oil, wrap fillet in an envelope, and dipped in liaison 1 egg and 1столовая spoon of nonfat milk, a little salt and beat well), then planirovat in the breadcrumbs. Breaded prefabricated to lay on the Board, peppered with breadcrumbs. After the last breaded cutlet, one by one, starting with the first, shaking off excess breadcrumbs, place in hot pan with refined oil on medium fire to fry until Golden brown.
Fillet spicy.
400 g chicken breast cut into kruglyashi, slightly to beat off, giving a rounded shape. To prepare the liaison with cheese as follows: to whip with milk (two tablespoons) two eggs and RUB on the finest grater 50-70g young unsalted cheese. Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise and unobtrusive, with little perceptible sharpness a little adzhika. Knead thoroughly. Beated dipped in battered and fried in vegetable oil until crispy brown on each side.
Cutlets "delicate".
Chicken fillet (400 g) to put in the freezer for 5 minutes, then cut into small dice. Fry, chopped finely-finely, onion (raw onion to take 100 grams or two medium onions) in vegetable oil until lightly Golden. To avoid burning. Fried onions drain in a colander, to glass oil and then add the cooled onions in chicken a lot, beat 1 egg, add salt and mix thoroughly whisk. Spread the stuffing need a tablespoon on a hot griddle with vegetable oil, fry on each side until cooked.
While cooking chicken, it should be remembered that they are easy to overdo, especially if you use cheese. You should not overdo the fillets on the pan for the full readiness of the chopped cutlets, chops or meatball, missing three minutes of sautéing on medium heat, provided that laid out the semis on a fairly hot pan.