Very often monstera propagated by cuttings. Need spring or summer to cut the tip or part of the stem with a sharp knife. The cut should be below the place where the bundle of air roots. This root will then turn into a normal. Slice it is necessary to sprinkle with powdered activated carbon. The cuttings be placed in water or river sand, sphagnum moss to grow roots. If the handle is not in the water, it is better to cover with a plastic bag, so roots grow faster.
How to propagate <strong>monster</strong>
Monstera can also be propagated by air layering. You should wrap its stem with sphagnum moss and then pin on top of the cellophane. After some time, usually within a month, the formation of roots. Then a young monstera should be separated from the donor plant and transplanted into a separate pot.
How to propagate <strong>monster</strong>
You can propagate monstera and seeds. This process is difficult, long, but interesting. Everything is done as usual: seeds are soaked, sown in a seedling box. After sprouts appear, they dive into individual pots. Young plants are transplanted each year. Two year old monster will have 2 to 4 true leaves.
How to propagate <strong>monster</strong>