Cuttings of monstera can be obtained in two ways.

Cut the top adult monstera with internode and three leaves (one of them must be fully ripe), put it in water and wait for roots.

Cut monstera kids, put them in water. The kids appear on the stem of adult plants (usually in the area, located close to the ground). For planting good for kids that already appeared in at least one internode and matured one sheet.
While the cuttings are in water and roots, prepare the ground for young plants. Monstera likes fertile, loose, but moisture-retaining soil. Make the following mixture: take one part peat, sand and humus and three parts sod land. All mix well.
At the bottom of the pot arrange good drainage (water should not stagnate in the tank). For these purposes, suitable expanded clay, gravel or pebbles.
On top of the drainage layer, pour the prepared soil. Slightly push it with your hand. Make a small indentation in the center and pour warm water.
Put a cutting of monstera into the ground to the internode, which has already formed roots while the cutting is in water, was slightly buried in the soil. Lightly push the soil around the stem of the plant. Pour.