Depending on the age, monstera planted for different periods of time. Plant up to 3 years, transplanted 1 every year in the spring. The young shoots are transplanted 3-4 years 1 every 2 years, older fully transplanted only once in 5-6 years. But once a year, regardless of age, monstera remove the top layer of soil and pour new, clean.
Before transplantation, the monster should be shed. You should not take for monster from a big pot. Increase the diameter of the vessel gradually. So, pour on the bottom of the pot drainage layer of broken tiles, stones, coarse sea sand, insert the center support for the monstera bamboo stick or a piece of moss-sphagnum, which is fixed on a stick the twine. Wrapping the moss will help to maintain normal humidity in the pot, and will stimulate the development of aerial roots.
Then towards the middle I put a monsteralearned from the old pot waddled. Soil mixture for transplant the monstera is prepared from 2 parts humus, 1 part sod, 1 part peat and 1 part sand. This mixture sprinkle the roots of monstera, locking in the pot and tamped a little and fill up the ground to the top. Don't forget to water the plant.
After the transplant the monstera some time is under stress, so don't be surprised if some time she will be depressed. Within 1 week it no longer watered.
If you want to propagate monstera, for seedlings, use the top and middle cuttings at least 1 eye. They can be rooted in the substrate, consisting of clean coarse sand or a mixture of peat and sand in equal ratio. After 30 days, rooted monstera be transplanted into the "adult" potty.