The landing hosts. For planting this plant you need to choose a breathable,fertile and light soil. If the site has clay soil, the landing hosts to add peat moss, sand and humus. If the site has sandy soil, add clay and organic matter. If the plot has lots of water, it is necessary to drain.

  • You need to dig a hole 20-40 cm depth.
  • Depending on the size of the hosts need to drop them off at a certain distance, a small 15 cm apart, between 50 cm and large up to 90 cm.
  • Before planting the seedling of Hosta, the roots need to be lowered for half an hour in cold water with the addition of the drug to stimulate root growth to protect against viral diseases.
  • If planting is carried out of the plants purchased, it should be planted in a hole in the center of which is a mound to evenly distribute the roots.
  • The plants were then sprinkled with soil.
  • After landing, the host needs to be watered and implement mulching of the soil around the plant.

Care hostoi. To host well grow it must be fed. This should be done three times a year using humus or compost. The host should not be transplanted, it likes to grow in one place only every 5 years it should be divided. Water the plant early in the morning at the root, as the leaves from moisture begin to deteriorate.