You will need
  • - the statement;
  • technical conditions;
  • - certificate of ownership of the house;
  • - certificate of ownership of land (if the house is under construction and is not operational or if the house is only going to build);
  • - passport;
  • - a contract with the team of installers;
  • - the meter;
  • - electric cable;
  • - hook-anchor;
  • - gofrotruba;
  • clips.
Contact regional energy supplying company with a statement in which to specify your full name, home address, the required power consumption. For houses less than 100 sq. m. enough 5-7 kW, for a large cottage – 10-12 kW. Present the certificate of ownership on the structure. If you have bought a plot, build a house on it, you will need building technical passport of the construction permit from the Department of architecture, your identification documents, certificate of ownership of the land.
On your statement will put the resolution of the General Director of the company, chief engineer. A statement contact the service Department of technical control. On the basis of submitted application, you will be the technical conditions. This document is made within one month.
During this period, prepare the copper cable in insulation with a cross section of not less than three kW gofrotruba, hook-bolt, meter. The counter can be set at its own discretion, one, two, or three of the tariff.
After receiving the technical conditions, sign a contract with the team of installers-electricians for immediate installation and connection to the power line.
Internal wiring in the house you can do yourself or make an additional agreement under a separate tariff with the same installers.
At the end of all the work we will invite representatives from the power company. They make a document of acceptance of the equipment, the act of commissioning the meter.
With these documents, please contact the Department on work with clients. Sign a contract for the supply of electricity, on payment. The contract will stipulate all the terms of suppliers, their responsibility, your responsibility for the use of electricity. The contract is signed by the suppliers and the consumer and shall be valid from the moment of signing.