So, how to actually surf the waves of the fourth dimension? And for what purpose one would use such an opportunity if it is feasible? You can rewrite history, to change the fateful decision of the rulers to meddle in the greatest battles, and then observe the results of their creative work on uprooting the weeds of history.
Until recently, such questions were raised only on the pages of the works of individual writers, the official science from them is simply dismissed as heresy. However, now some serious scientists have hypotheses about fundamentally the possibility of time travel in the past and the distant future.
Critics of the idea of moving in the past claim that such a journey will encounter unsolvable paradox (chronoclast) associated with the violation of causality. The most common example of such an objection: you go to the past and accidentally become responsible for the death of my mother's grandfather or father. But if he dies, you are not destined to be born in the future and to make the appointed time travel, in which the tragedy happened with your ancestor!
Supporters of a time machine in opposition to this paradox argue that this contradiction can be resolved if we assume that at each moment of time it is a special way splits, branching, creating countless alternate realities with a complete set of all possible outcomes. Neither prove nor disprove such a hypothesis to modern scientific knowledge about the nature of time does not allow.
It is not excluded that bulky time machine to not need humanity. May deepen their knowledge about the nature of the material world and its essential attributes (space-time), humankind is more intelligent to master the movement of people to specific areas in our universe where time flows differently. Still being the ongoing debate about the nature and potential use of so-called "black holes". Maybe they are just a kind of portal into our past?
Alas, today issues the scientists themselves are much more than answers. But hope for the opportunity to break through the veil remains. Who knows, will there be a meeting with the past in the foreseeable future, just?..