The easiest and fastest way to see your computer specs is to use standard Windows programs. So to find out the model of processor and amount of installed RAM, click the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and select "Properties". In the window that appears you will see this information, as well as the operating system version and other information.
Learn more view your computer specs by going to device Manager via Control Panel. You will see a tree view list of installed devices. Expanding each item will show which components belong to it. Going into the device properties, you will be able to see the characteristics of each of them. Often, however, the property search the right parts takes a long time because of some inconvenience for the submission of information, as well as its incompleteness.
There are special programs that allow you to view your computer specs. They are widely known and popular. These include, for example, SiSoft Sandra, Lavasys Everest, PC Wizard, HWiNFO32. Some paid, some not. Find the Internet their distributions is easy. Further we consider the example of Lavasys Everest.
After installing and starting the program you see the main window divided into two major fields of information. On the left are grouped the list of devices, right – detailed information about each device. For example, you need to know the model of installed RAM. To do this, in the left side menu, expand "motherboard" and select "SPD". In the right part of the window you will see a detailed description of the installed memory modules. Similarly, we can find information on each device.