You will need
  • The computer program CPU-Z
Detailed characteristics of the processor can display the free program CPU-Z. Download the latest version c official website. Install the software on computer and run it.
The program has several tabs that display various characteristics of the hardware of the computer. To learn the basic characteristics of the CPU , open the CPU tab.
The main structural features of the processor are combined in a Processor unit. In its Name field displays the manufacturer of the processor and its name. Field Code Name code reports the family name of the processor given to him by the developer. A code name can give you the features of its architecture and device.
To find out the socket of the processorthat should have the motherboard for installation view the Package field, also located in the block Processor.
The size of the transistors of the processor is in the Technology. The smaller the size of transistors, the less the CPU consumes power and emits heat during operation.
To find out which hardware acceleration technology supports processor – see box Instructions.
To find out the clock speed on the CPU view Core Speed field is located in block Clocks. Also in this block there is a field Multiplier, which displays the current value of the multiplier of the CPU and Rated FSB field that indicates the clock rate of bus FSB connecting CPU with memory controller.
To get the dimensions of the multilevel cache of the processor, view the value of block Cache. His fields are the dimensions of the first level cache for data and native code, as well as the size of the cache of the second level.
To find out the number of cores of the processor, view the value of the field Cores. Next to him there is a field displaying Threads the number of threads that can be run in parallel on a single core.