After the lemon will be eaten, save the large seeds no chips or cracks. Fill the shallow cups of the land and place the seeds treated with nutritional supplements, two centimeters deep into the earth. Put ten or more seeds, seedlings will give only some of them.
Moisten the soil until five months later, the seedlings will not rise and will not get stronger. From this point take the pots a little more and, without disturbing the root system, transplant into pots, the seedlings together with a clod of earth, in which they are located. Add in the ground pots vermicompost.
Regularly pinch the crown of your lemon trees so that it gave additional shoots. The growing shoots also it is necessary to pinch back – after that the tree will grow lush and beautiful. Place the pot on a well-lit place and from time to time turn it towards the sun different parts.
The ground base of the tree trunk wrap of the copper wire, which must be removed within six months – it stimulates the process of formation of fruit buds.
If you want your tree to bear fruit and at home gave a harvest of fresh lemon, take care of vaccination of the cutting fruiting tree. Proper vaccination will allow a few years to get a good harvest.