And what is the chicken and where it came from? Food in Russian cuisine or language means meat chopped or pellet. The modern chicken comes from the French word côte – rib, although it has meaning. The word chicken came to us from European cuisine. Originally meant a piece of meat.
Let's consider a few recipes of cutlets on a couple:
Regular burgers for a couple.

You will need: Minced 500 gr., egg, onion, green onion, salt, pepper and vegetable oil.
Preparation: the Lamb, of course, meat is fatty, it is best steamed, burgers will turn out very tasty and juicy! Scroll and the lamb through a meat grinder, add the onion. The stuffing to put an egg, chopped green onion, pepper and salt. Pallets of Montevarchi grease with vegetable oil. To form cutlets from minced meat and put in mentovku.
Dietary cutlets on a couple.

You will need:

Lean beef, slice of white bread, milk, butter, semolina, salt and pepper.

Cut the meat into small pieces, milk, place the pulp of white bread and leave for a few minutes, then the flesh and meat scroll through a meat grinder. Put in the minced semolina, butter, egg and mix well.
Below the stuffing was homogeneous it is necessary to beat on the table. In the end put salt and pepper, all stirred and put in the refrigerator for half an hour. Butter to grease the steamer. Moisten hands and make small meatballs from minced meat. Cooking should be about 20 minutes.
Baby burgers for a couple.

You will need:

Chicken fillet, white bread, milk, salt, onion, Basil for flavor.

Preparation: put a pot of water on the stove and bring to a boil.

You need to arrange a steam bath: place a grate, fasten cheesecloth over boiling water. While the water is boiling, scroll to the meat, put back the bread, pre-soaked in milk and onion, with that in meat grinder 2 times. Add the Basil and salt. Moisten hands with cold water and form balls, then lay on the grill. Close the lid and cook for 20-25 minutes.
Try to cook different pryannostey that loves your child. You can add oregano or nutmeg.