You will need
  • Limoncello
  • - 15 thick-skinned lemons;
  • - 750 ml alcohol by 90°;
  • - 2 cups of sugar;
  • - 2 liters of water.
To obtain the tincture is more effective to use the alcohol strength of 45-50°. General rules for obtaining tinctures are – you take aromatic raw materials ( herbs, fruits, berries, roots, buds and even bark), put it in a bottle and pour the alcohol. Bottle store in a dark warm place. A few weeks later, the raw material in the bottle is replaced with fresh and infused again. Thus, you increase the concentration. After some time, the infusion, if desired, is filtered and, optionally, diluted or not sugar syrup.
To obtain the berry and fruit infusions 1 kilogram of the raw material take 1 liter of 50% alcohol to obtain a tincture of herbs or leaves needs about 100 grams of fresh raw materials. Loved by many liqueurs tangerine or lemon peel require about 100-150 g of dry raw materials.
Try to prepare the famous liqueur Limoncello. His homemade recipes involve a very small amount of sugar, making his famous lemon liqueur.
Carefully wash the lemons in hot water. Using very sharp vegetable knife, slice off the peel. The same knife carefully and meticulously remove the smallest pieces of white bitter pulp. Scrape it with the peeled lemon.
Put the lemon and lemon zest in a 3-liter jar. Pour half specified in the recipe of alcohol, close the lid and store at room temperature in a dark place for about 40 days.
After 40 days, strain the infusion, discard the lemon. In a saucepan over high heat bring water to a boil, stir in the sugar and boil until it dissolves. Turn off the heat and allow the syrup to cool. Pour the remaining alcohol and add all together in a jar with the lemon zest and liqueur. Again place the bowl in the same warm dark place and leave for another 40 days.
Get the infusion, remove the peel, filter and bottle. Store the Limoncello in a dark place at room temperature, but before drinking the infusion, cool it in the freezer. Drink Limoncello liqueur from the special narrow glasses.