You will need
  • - Cardboard;
  • - colors.
  • - brush;
  • - scissors;
  • - elastic band.
Patterns and drawings of a Fox mask, which you will find in this article can be enlarged and printed on a copier. If you took a regular paper, for durability glue it to the cardboard. Cut out the Fox mask carefully along the contour, try to face and make eye holes. On the sides of the mask, where will you attach the elastic, with the inner side stick tape. Under the gum carefully make the holes.
Much more interesting look of the mask painted by hand. For this suitable bright and saturated colors for children's creativity. Check in the store, what kind of paint you buy for Christmas masks - she will be in contact with the face of a child, and it can be dangerous if you are allergic. Buy a few different brushes.

Print your favorite Fox mask and start painting. To ready the mask looked carefully painting detail paint one color, wait until it dries before putting a different color paint. In the latest turn of a fine brush draw black outlines.
As the mask of a Fox you have a festive, feel free to decorate it with tinsel and sequins. Some parts of the product are decorated with pieces of red and white fur.

Mask Fox adorn rollicking luxurious mustache and a cap. Especially with eyelashes and other makeup on the mask, is unlikely to please the boy.

For girls chanterelles draw the mask with a bow and insert it into fluffy ears earrings.
To complement the image of a Fox need to make sure the tail is gorgeous and fluffy! Sew easy cloak orange color with fur trimming, sew for her Fox tail. Would fit well with this suit and black gloves. Good masks obtained from velvet paper.

For more conviviality mask spray paint with gold glitter.