The wolf mask should be done from construction paper. First you need to draw on the sheet, the silhouette of the muzzle of a wolf about the size of a baby's face. Then you need to outline the eyes (2 circumference). They should be from each other at that distance, that are apart of the small eyes of the actor.
How to make a wolf mask
Now, the blank mask of the wolf should be shaded in dark grey, even black. Then gently need to cut the mask on its outer contour. Don't forget about the holes for the eyes.
How to make a wolf mask
On a new sheet of paper you need to draw the language of the wolf, his jaw with sharp teeth, the frowning brows and the inner part of the ears.
How to make a wolf mask
Further, all parts should be colored with colored pencils, markers, and better colors. Then cut them out with scissors. Both the inner part of the ears can be cut into thin strips in order to show the hair of the wolf.
How to make a wolf mask
You should now proceed to the most interesting, the creation of the mask and gluing of all its parts.
First you need to glue the jaw with the teeth to the lower part of the head of a wolf. The teeth should bend inside the mask along the dotted lines. Next, you need to glue the tongue on the inner part of the mask of a wolf. It can hang down or may go sideways.
The resulting grey fringe (inner part of the ear should be glued to the base of each ear. Fringe need to stir, showing that vzjeroshenij fur of a wolf. Just above the holes for the eyes on the wolf mask should stick frown. The wolf mask is ready.
How to make a wolf mask
How to make so that it rested on the head? To do this, cut paper strip, the length of which a couple of centimeters greater than the length of the circumference of child's head. Both ends of this strip should be glued to the inner side of the mask.
How to make a wolf mask
Now the mask of a wolf can be safely put on any performance with this grey toothy predator.