1. If you fell asleep in an hour or two in the morning, to get up in five hours you will not succeed. An adult should sleep seven to nine hours a day to his body and brain time to relax. Therefore, in order to get up in five hours, you need to go to bed no later than twenty-two hours.

2. Before going to sleep for two hours, turn off the TV and computer. The brain needs to rest from the incoming information. Then sleep will not be difficult.

3. Three hours try not to eat anything. Care not to sleep on a full stomach will take less time. And before going to sleep - not a good idea for those who are on a diet.

4. Before I go to sleep, ventilate the room. Constantly before bedtime do something to help you sleep. You can drink anything, for example hot tea, or listen to music. It soothes, adjusts and relaxes.

5. If you woke up at the time I had planned, try not to fall asleep again. To prevent it, turn on the TV, get an alarm clock that won't let you sleep or take themselves or anything. You can put some hilarious ringtone on the alarm that you laugh, something to sleep you will want much less.

The basis of what will help you to get up early - it mode. Don't break it. Go to the early regime should gradually. During the week, set your alarm thirty minutes early and you will be able to adjust itself to the regime that will suit you.

On weekends it is undesirable to sleep before twelve o'clock. If you are going to rebuild mode, then it will have to adjust to waking early again. For this you will spend a lot of time and will. Will have to start all over again. Do not give yourself any credit, set yourself up for success.

To go all the way to the formation of a mode, you need confidence in yourself, the ability to look to the future and the ability to soberly assess their capabilities. If you overslept, you will need more time to set yourself up so this doesn't happen again.