You will need
  • Books, audiobooks, dictionary accents
Read books, where every word bearing the accent. In this format are produced, usually, tales and stories for children. Vocabulary in these books is not very large, however there are a frequently used word, in which we are wrong to call, draw, start, bows, cakes, etc.
Buy a dictionary accents (pronouncing dictionary). They are given the correct version of the stress in the word and its forms, and examples of usage of words in sentences, explanations. You can also use the online version of these dictionaries, download them and install on the computer to be able to use a dictionary if necessary.
Listen to audiobooks, specialized radio broadcasts in which great attention is given to proper pronunciation of words. Reading books, write those words, the meaning and pronunciation of which you do not understand, in order later to refer to the dictionary.
Work out with a tutor. The specialist will assess the level of your knowledge, will identify with the problems, develop methodology, designed to teach you to read properly.