First of all, what do you machine? It's one thing if you have a large family you often go to the cottage, plan to travel. Then the best way is to buy a SUV. It is quite expensive (1,000,000 rubles), but you can always buy it on credit, or to ask about second-hand SUVs, which will be much cheaper. In the city comfortable ride for a small car. Small cars produce almost all firms and they are inexpensive (an average of 300,000 rubles). After you determine what car you need, it will be easier to determine and amount of money, and the way that purchase.
For most of us and 300,000 rubles - a hefty sum. So it makes sense to take a car loan. Of course, the availability of credit means the overpayment for the car, but much easier in the next 3-5 years to pay every month a not very large part of the salary (10,000 rubles), than you need to kill time, especially that part of the money is still "eaten" by inflation. Thus, in order to take a car loan and not to cause a serious blow to its budget of most of us is to achieve a salary increase or promotion, or to cut costs.
The process of obtaining loan is quite simple. You must come to the dealership, choose the car, its equipment and accessories. The credit Department of the dealership will select the banks with the most favorable credit rate (generally, the car dealerships work with several banks) and calculate the approximate amount of the first payment, insurance and monthly payments. After that, you will need to collect all documents (passport, international passport, proof that you are working on your salary) and wait for the decisions of banks, and then to choose the most convenient option. After making the first payment the car can be picked up.
Some prefer to buy used cars. There is a certain risk remains the owner can sell you a faulty car. However, if you believe in the seller and in the car, it is also a good way to buy a car. A used car is not always a cheap car, but still earn half a million rubles easier than a million.
In fact, once you have determined the purpose (e.g., to purchase a Ford Focus), and determined how much you will need to invest in it, make on it will be easier than it seemed initially. Actually to make a specific purpose easier than in the abstract as a specific target (a specific car) is a motivator. To get started, try to estimate how much money you need to put on the car a month to earn it, for example, for two years. Amount, by itself, will not little. To put this amount monthly, you have the following options:
1. start a diary of expenses, analyze them, to cut spending on unnecessary (for example, you can often eat at home, not in the café car is worth it).
2. to look for a job. Most of us work from 9 to 18 for five days a week. Part of the remaining time it is possible to invest in your car - for example, take extra projects at work and get more jobs at home (this is especially true for journalists, translators, programmers).
3. to improve the work.
Best of all, of course, use all of the methods. Quick results certainly not worth waiting, however, a certain amount for the purchase of your car you will be able to save up quite soon.