Arrange to work for hire. If you are not in the presence of even a small amount to pay for telephone conversations, it means that you have serious money problems. Urgently solve this issue. Work in the industry in which you have experience or knowledge. For a month you will not only pay for the conversations, but to buy a new phone.
Conduct surveys on the streets or in apartments. This option is suitable for you if you can't wait a month. On surveys you can get 500 - 1000 times a day. It all depends on the number of signatures collected or answers to questions. Polls can be on different topics: elections, brand of products, offers on cooperation, promotion companies etc.
Work as a postman for a while. Come to your local post office and ask if they are not required hawkers of Newspapers, receipts, telegrams, etc., Select a few houses in close proximity to their residence. Just a couple of days you will be able to more than pay for communication services, just carrying the mail.
Consider working on unloading trucks. If you have good health and a free weekend, then you can work as a loader. Usually every Saturday and Sunday for food and industrial base, get a new merchandise. Agree with management on piece-work. You can earn around 500-700 $ per day, considering tax and other expenses.
If you have a personal car, then you will be able in one evening to collect money to pay for phone calls. However, this is not the safest way to quick profit, so how can you be in a problem situation with drivers and manual legal taxis.
Look for any other options piecework in the newspaper or on the Internet. If you are not satisfied with the above options, then you can always find an alternative to just reading media publications.