You will need
  • landline or mobile phone
This way of earning is most suited to women who are in maternity leave, mothers who care for children, as well as those who are looking for job with a free schedule at home. In addition, it is a good opportunity to earn pensioners and the disabled who find it difficult to find work.
You can earn both your home phoneand mobile. The advantage of a landline is that you don't have any costs apart from the subscription fee. Of course, if you do not call long distance and mobile phone numbers. The advantages of a mobile phone with unlimited data plans:- you are not tied to the house. Take calls or call you even on the street;
- you can call on both mobile and landline phones;
- it is possible to talk on the phone as long as you want.
If you opted for unlimited plan phone, carefully study the different tariff plans. Select which one fits you more. For example, the Moscow telephone number with the 499 code cheaper than with a direct Moscow number with the code 495. Also compare the prices of connection and subscription fees, they can vary. For example, a budget rate "ALLO Incognito Mega 99" can be purchased for around 1837 rubles, and the monthly fee will go higher - about 2840 roubles
So, first option: the operator or the dispatcher on a home phone. Post your resume on their websites, and call employers who advertise jobs on the Manager or the operator at home. Decide whether you want to work only for receiving calls (taking orders) or are ready to ring up customers. Usually requires operators for outbound calls, i.e. to find customers.
As for payment, pay for such work a bit: 6-10 thousand plus a small percentage. Sometimes the operators and dispatchers at a home phone to pay 15 thousand rubles and above. You can use this kind of earnings as additional work by the operator on the phone in the two companies to increase their income. Really first rate if you work in this mode.
If you want to earn more serious money, you may go for a job as a sales Manager remotely. Your chances for this position will greatly increase if you have a higher education and / or experience in sales. Especially if you have accumulated customer base. Then you can work on more pleasant terms. By and large, work in this case is similar to the operator on the home phone to make calls, but earnings higher. And the post sounds more serious.
Option # 3 - sales agent of advertising space ("free agent" or Manager for outdoor advertising (remotely with a flexible schedule). Again, you are looking for clients and leveled base. As sales Manager, you will need a computer with Internet. Ideally, you can buy a Fax, to send commercial offers.
Specify whether traveling. Most likely, you will need to carry out business negotiations with clients, and perhaps get money to get the documentation yourself, instead of courier. Your income will be a percentage. In principle, this is good. Some advertising managers themselves into a status of "free agent" because the interest they earn more. But good earnings (from 20-30 thousand and above) can only be gained when the base, i.e. approximately 6 months and even a year of work.
Work on the phone requires self-organization, patience, and ability to conduct telephone conversations. It is useful to also further explore the technique of "cold calls". In General, as everywhere else in the phone has its own nuances and subtleties. You need to be a psychologist to be able to make a good impression, etc. Well, the rest will come with experience.