Advice 1: How to make money in the army

Money in the army needs: cellular to pay, soldiers in the shop to buy something, personal hygiene products, to the needs of the company. I want also to buy all sorts of necessary and enjoyable things: tourist gas burner, universal knife, watches and more. Earn in the army in various ways.
How to make money in the army

Official methods

First, the army paid the allowance. Since 2012, the amount of the allowance for conscripts is 2000 rubles. If the conscript is responsible or commander's position, and holds the rank of corporal and above, with remuneration above.

Conscripts after six months of service are given the opportunity to go on a contract basis. The level of wages increased significantly: depending on the position and rank the level of income ranges from 8,000 to 13,000 rubles. In addition, the service contract is very different from Express: home contractor not in the barracks, a Dorm, is not cleaning, and increase their military qualifications, is more concerned with military training. Outfits that put contract, as a rule, connected with the governing functions. Spare time, the contractor may use on your own: walk around the city, to meet girls or even to earn as a freelancer.

Special service conscripts are paid a cash allowance, multiplied by a factor of 1.5-2. Such conditions include not only hot spots, but service beyond the Arctic circle, high altitude conditions, on the Islands and abroad. Plus, the retirement allowance issued in the amount of two salaries, orphans – 5 salaries.

Informal methods

There are "unofficial" ways to make money in the army. Many earn in the theft and resale of military property, food, fuel, clothing, etc. But sooner or later, these "methods" lead to the dock.

After several months of service, having become acquainted with colleagues, to try to profitably "sell" their unique knowledge and skills, if any. For example, those who know how to draw well traditionally earn on clearance discharge albums. Able sew – on preparing discharge forms. Particularly appreciated have mastered the art of the tattoo – this can make a small fortune.

Special respect in the army are soldiers on duty, often outside of the drivers of food, fuel and military vehicles, postmen and others. Such is often asked to buy something in the store. These requests are often performed for a fee.

You can earn anything up to cigarettes. Even if you do not smoke, create own stock in several blocks. Interruptions in the issuance of electronic – cigarettes can be sold to colleagues a little more expensive. Exercise – a on the third day be without tobacco and are willing to buy it at any price. At the end of a long exercise cigarette price increases to the cost of packs, and a pack – up to the price of the unit.

Advice 2 : How to make money in a small town

The majority of people are leaving small towns to the cities to earn. They are right in that case, if you want to work in big stable company, which is in the province. But small cities provide enough opportunities for earning money for those who want to do business.
How to make money in a small town
Use the lag of your town from big cities. You probably have no need of shops, services, cafes, restaurants. Think about what you need for your city. It is easier to choose a business idea that will work in a small townthan in the metropolis.
Make a business plan for your potential enterprise and calculate costs. Well, if you have funds that you can invest in the business. If they are not, or not enough, then you will either have to look for an investor, or thinking about a less expensive business.
To find investors you need a competently prepared business plan. The main emphasis in compiling the report will need to be done on the need of your future business in your city and for his quick return. Directly the investor can be led through friends, the Internet, forums for aspiring entrepreneurs (they are usually held in large cities, but investors there may find anyone).
After you have compiled a business plan and got the necessary tools, begin to act. The sooner you start working, the sooner you will pay off your business and the sooner you will be able to earn. To do this, first register at local tax office as an individual entrepreneur, as the business must be registered.
Start an advertising campaign. The specificity of small towns is that large-scale and costly advertising campaigns is not required, because information spreads quickly. However, you will need to install a colorful sign on the site of your prospective company, talking about its imminent opening, as well as to advertise in local media.
Rent the necessary premises and hire employees. The first is to limit their minimum quantity in order not to pay wages to those who do not loaded. Also think about renting equipment and furniture, because it is cheaper than buying it. Cost reduction at the initial stage of business creation will help you quickly capitalize on it.

Advice 3 : How to make money on the resale

For the literate investor, the current companies can be a very good investment funds. Earn money on the resale of ready business can be less risky than the stock market. Even if you will not be able to resell the company at a higher price, it will remain in your ownership, and will be profitable, driven by a hired Manager. Use one of the proposed schemes to generate income from the resale of the investment.
How to make money on the resale
You can buy a company and then sell its assets. The best option – resale of tangible and intangible assets in the complex, but in the Russian reality this task is almost impossible. For large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, the main source of income will be the land on which the enterprise is located. In the regions of your profit will amount to real estate and fixed assets owned by the purchased company. For bankrupt enterprises, the cost of which is relatively small, there is an option sale of intangible assets such as brands, know-how, original recipes.
Make money on resale companies, you can after you acquire them and then put additional funds on their economic recovery. The term return on investment in this case is rarely more than three years, so their average yield is about 35% per annum. This is the real figure, given that the business often has significant tangible assets, and their liquidation value may exceed the selling price of the company. The yield on such purchase and resale will be much higher if the investor will have experience in the industry to which the purchased company, and communications ability to acquire municipal enterprises at a lower price.
Special stability and liquidity of the scheme is characterized by the acquisition of several companies, their subsequent integration and sale. This scheme has great appeal for foreign investors is not very common among Russian businessmen. It is complicated by the fact that the purchase and integration of several companies may require significant amounts and timing. So attractive from the point of view of purchase and resale may be a network of small specialized shops selling spare parts, mobile phones, perfume, products.
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