First of all, you should know that good photographs can be printed only on photographic paper. So before you start to print, buy a pack of photo paper. For printer standard A4 it is best to use photo paper of the same size. On one sheet you can print out one large or several small photos. Photo paper can be glossy or matte, so pay attention to this when buying.
Connect the printer to the computer and once the device is ready to print, insert several sheets of photo paper in the printer tray.
You can select a photo and begin printing. To do this, click on the photos you need, right click and select "Print". Opens the print Wizard. Click "Next" and then click "printing preferences". Select in the section "Carrier" item "photo Paper, best quality" and click "Next".
In the left menu you need to select the photo size to be printed. The menu provides visual examples, so the choice will be difficult. By choosing the size you need, you will see in the sheet preview on the right, is a photo on paper. If you are satisfied, click "Next" and the picture will be printed.