You will need
  • Light, music, natural supplements, vitamins, whole grain foods, self-control.
Waking up, slowly open your eyes. In the evening think that will Wake you up at dawn. Eliminate the probability of loud alarm sound. Its ringing can ruin the whole day. Favourite song, the volume of which will increase gradually, going to be the ideal.
Ensure uniform penetration of light. Light has a beneficial effect on the body, respectively, darkness deprives man of courage. Do not close the curtains at night. In the morning the room is filled with light, charging you with cheerfulness.
Learn to manage your emotions. Get rid of bad thoughts, leave good thoughts. The energy level will fall, if you are experiencing stress, anxiety and other negative emotions. Pessimism is tiring, so try to see the positive side.
Daily surprise yourself with something new. Make changes to your schedule. Boredom and longing reduce cheerful state of mind. Avoid things that are unpleasant to you.
Eat five times per day, but gradually. To digest small portions, your body does not take a lot of energy, and hence, cheerfulness and good mood for the whole day.
Include in the diet whole grain products. They support the health and vitality of the spirit. Great action have different natural Supplement. This bee pollen, ginseng, radiogram pink, etc.
Buy vitamin complex. Drink course. This is required if normal food the body does not get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals.