Before planting, make fertilizer. You can use manure, humus, or any complex product. Complex fertilisers are sold in stores, improve soil quality and significantly increase productivity. But be careful, if you shift the fertilizer, the seeds can burn and not rise. Use strictly according to instructions on the reverse side of the pack.
Inspect the seeds before planting. They should be large, not hollow and without various patches. Seeds stained or damaged can climb, but the plant will be sick and will bring a lot of harvest.
Loosen the ground once a week and water it with water as it dries. Weeds interfere with the growth of plants and stop their development, then the fruits do not have time to evolve and develop.
When the plant grown up a bit, water it with a solution of urea. It accelerates the formation of leaves and stems. Use it once a week you need to the flowering stage.
After the plant has flowered, use a fertilizer "Hadrianic". It contributes to the formation of fruits and their rapid growth.
To enhance pollination, spray the plants "Ovary". She is bred in the water, spray from a spray bottle or a broom. So you will achieve a larger number of pollinated flowers.
All kinds of plants are subjected to pest infestations, apply ampoule preparations. The drug can be against one type of pest, and complex. You can buy them in gardening shops.
Timely and stable plant care will bring you a bountiful harvest.