Sitting behind a history essay, first decide on the theme. It is possible that the teacher gave you a topic that came to mind, which did not want to write. But in any case, you have chosen the topic, or you gave it to the teacher, the next step in the work - search information available on the subject. Try to study it in great detail. Perhaps even if initially it does not cause you to have sympathy, you will be able to come up with a plan of response, but at the same time stored and the actual material.
Then found the information you need to organize. Make a plan of reasoning based on causal relationships between events, which will be discussed in your essay. Do not neglect terms of how boring it may seem as a strict scheme, depending on which will subsequently build your essay will help you to avoid illogical in the essay. As a rule, the violation of logic in the reasoning quite often reduce the score.
Before you begin writing your essay, consider also the arguments and counter-arguments "for" and "against", to put it simply. Think about it in advance, so as later you won't have time to "slide" on a lengthy discourse. Write them in a column and briefly, in the thesis, and then, on paper, "panel" these dry arguments "lace" of his eloquence. But do not forget: brevity is the soul of talent, avoid the "water".
The plan and list of abstracts are ready, ideas in my head already formed, you can get a sheet of paper and write. When will undertake the main body of the essay, prefer the journalistic style of speech. But it's better to consult with a teacher: maybe in your particular case, you need to lean toward a scientific style. The main thing - not "pushed" in a conversational style, as though you would like to keep things simple, as in everyday life. This will diminish your opus in the eyes of the reviewer.
At the end of the essay don't forget a crisp, clear output. No output punishable by the fullest extent of the law, sometimes it is the most important part of the essay. So, after stating all the arguments pro et contra, don't forget to make all of their reasoning worthy conclusion. And don't forget to add your own opinion, is often what is required from the author of the essay on the basis of the historical situation to Express his own opinion. Be sure to associate it with the actual content of the works.