You will need
  • - educational literature;
  • computer.
Select the essay topic. It needs to be relevant and to have practical significance for economic science.
Consider the tentative plan of work. As a rule, the essay consists of a short introduction, where the essence of the topic; the main part, which outlines the opinions of scholars on the subject of the narrative; the attitude of the author of these opinions as well as conclusions in which provide brief insights on the progress of the study. On the last page of the essay is specified used to describe sources.
Pick up literature for writing essays. It could be textbooks on the economy, the works of scientists on problems of research, periodicals and online publications, various economic surveys.
Collect the necessary material. Different viewpoints of scholars on the chosen topic write on paper and note the order of use statements in the work.
Proceed to registration. Not just quote the sayings of scholars and Express your opinion on each of them. Don't forget to checkout the findings of the study.
Format the text in accordance with the requirements, please fill out the cover sheet, print work, and insert in folder.