Advice 1: How to install patches for games

Patch - a small program that corrects the flaws of the developers, helps gamers to fully appreciate their work and enjoy the gameplay.
How to install patches for games
Patch by definition is a patch. Apparently its purpose. Of course, game developers always conduct thorough tests of their creations before launching them to the masses, simulating a variety of situations, but all options they provide, of course, can't.
Therefore, the lovers on the knee, or by developers shortly after the release of the game in the light on the reviews of gamers becomes clear that need improvement, and they release those patches, without which sometimes you enjoy the fullness and brightness of the gameplay is simply impossible.
Contact to work directly with the patches and consider possible issues.
First of all, make sure that the resource from which you are about to download the desired patch is tested and does not carry any harm to your computer. Hackers can use the popularity of the project and start a network of "fake", that is supposedly the patch file, containing a virus, while still actively praising the increased quality of the game when using their creations. Extra problems you do not need, and therefore use only checked resources even if the patch is presented by the developers themselves, but some third-party website.
Each patch has any version in its name. She is depicted as one or more digits, written through the point. This is the version to which you want to update your game after installing it patch. Always pay attention to the compatibility version of the game and patches and before installing make backup copies of save games if you have them. Otherwise, they may be irretrievably lost.
Pay attention to the contents of the patch. The developer must detail for the full list of glitches and bugs that this patch fixes. If you have a few options, you will be able to choose the best for you. The patch should come with installation instructions. This is important again because of the existence of different versions of patches and the game itself and their interactions. If the instruction requires to reinstall the game and use the patch only with its "clean" version - not too lazy, will do exactly as I ask, and it will not take much time and will ensure a greater likelihood of quality of the game in the future. No wonder that the creators of the patch specifically draw your attention to it. In General, never ignore the instructions, and then claims to the creators of the patches will not grow.

Advice 2 : Where to paste the patch

Patches or "patch" is a special add - on for programs, particularly computer games produced by developers. They correct various technical and other problems in the operation of the software. Games Addons are installed in different ways.
Where to paste the patch
Download the patch from the official website of the game or its developers. Before that, let's see what the game version at the moment. Usually this information is specified in the properties of its executable file or in the main menu. The version of the installed patch should be higher.
Run the installation file of the patch and complete the installation process. During it, specify the folder in which you installed the game. At the end of the process, restart the computer. Try to run the game and check it for serviceability. Also look for changes in its current version. If the game has stopped running or there are other problems, try to reset it fell back thereby to a previous version.
Some patches involve manual installation. For example, the developers release a already patched the game's executable file or its other components. In this case usually need to move data files to the appropriate folder where the previous version, and replace them with new ones. Before this is done, copy the old versions of these files to another folder, so that in case you encounter problems, you can rollback the data in the game folder.
Inspect your game folder, installation disk and website developer. In some cases, patches must be installed on the computer and run a special app that will throw the patch in the right folder. When the utility starts, "settings", specify the path to the files of the patch to the folder with the game, and then wait for the installation process.
In some cases, the game is updated automatically when it starts. To do this, make sure that you have an active Internet connection and close all extraneous programs. Also check the main menu of the game on a specific section to obtain and install updates.

Advice 3 : What is keygen

On the Internet you can download a lot of software, both paid and free. If the user does not want to pay for a program that he could use the crack, which is always fraught with risk.
Example keygen

Paid will be free

Keygen (keygen) is a specific type of illegal software that generates keys for various pay programs, by which they become free. As can be seen from the functionality keygens, using them is illegal, so it is necessary to apply them at your own risk.

To use the crack easily enough, plus they don't occupy much space. To use any of them, simply run it and click the "Generate" or "Generate". The resulting code should be copy and paste for registration.

Risks when using keygens

Usually crack are free, however software to which they are intended. They are written using algorithms that are similar to those used when creating viruses and Trojans. For this reason, many of them are determined by antivirus programs as malware. Often this is really so.

The use of keygens, most often, is a criminal offence for copyright infringement when you use paid software. The developers paid programs understand that any man will try and free to use the fruits of their labors. So they consciously wrestle with it using complex algorithms for generating license keys, creating databases of legal and illegal users, interaction with the developers of antivirus software and much more.

However, Russia has year on year ranked first in the use of unlicensed software. This is due to the fact that the cost of many of them is considerable. To this is added the raw enforcement against violators of copyright in the use of the licensed products. Most often, the crack produced such popular paid programs like office suites from Microsoft operating system family of Windows, programs OCR (e.g. FineReader Abbyy's) and graphic editors (Adobe Photoshop).

License crack

Some software (usually antivirus) create crack for their products. Most often, they are disposable, and inside they contain complex algorithms of generating codes, so the hackers will be very difficult to work with them. Weight life "black programmers" and the fact that the developers are trying as often as possible to change the algorithms for each version of the same program.
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