To recognize you have a relationship or not, analyze their behavior. What do you do in your spare time? How do you cope with a bad mood? If something occupies you most of the time, effort and money – it can be an addiction. Accurate sign of dependence – a state of depression arising from the rejection of any classes. In addition, a person may depend on another person. Dangerous if someone becomes the meaning of your existence, because after a separation in your life forms a large void.
Since any dependence arises due to the lack of positive emotions, to struggle with it it is necessary to fill this deficit. Just do not fixate on one thing and the emergence of another based on long. Instead of eating sweets – go for a walk, go to the movies; instead of social communication. networking – meet friends, to go Hiking; it is a senseless waste of money – listen to music and do sports.
Select the method of failure. The first method is radical. Totally abstain from what has become your bad habit: throw away cigarettes, erase from your computer all the toys, remove their pages in social networks. Most likely, you will have to go through a kind of "breaking", but if you can manage and find other sources of pleasure you get rid of harmful addiction. Helps in getting rid of addiction a drastic change of scenery. Go to the village, where there is no computer, no Internet, no stores.
The second method of recovery from addiction is a gradual failure. Every day less time to devote your habit. Schedule: today you get to play 1 hour, tomorrow – 55 minutes, etc. If you will break the next day and subtract the time used the day before. Well, if in this work you will help relatives and will control how you adhere to your schedule.
Properly motivate yourself. If you don't eat too much – you will lose weight and will definitely meet loved one. If, instead of sitting at the computer toys you will need to train themselves – will be able to earn more. And the earned money can be spent to upgrade the wardrobe, a trip or vacation.