Hiss - this is normal

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First you must understand that hissing is a normal sound for cats, like meowing or purring. In nature animals use it not so rarely to communicate with relatives, to declare their rights to territory or food.Most often, the hiss goes well with his cat in a certain position, namely a pull up the back and tousle the tail. Taking such a position, the animal makes clear that it is ready for defense, and the enemy better walk away if he does not want to suffer physically.

Causes hiss

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Sometimes a cat may begin to hiss out of fright or she simply found something interesting and wants to share it with other people, or do whatever. In General, the same from a human point of view sound can be caused by a variety of reasons, and to understand what happened, you just need to take a closer look at the animal.

The most important rule is to never punish the cat suddenly sasupensu. Most likely she did this, along with sudden stress, the punishment in this case will only aggravate the situation, will not help razobratsya the causes and prevent such behavior in the future. It is possible that the animal at this point just eat and considered your approach as an attack on a tasty morsel. Especially such behavior sin kittens have not yet learned the conventions of the social hierarchy. Or maybe just something fell from the hands to the floor with a loud thud. Then certainly we can say that the hiss was caused by severe fright.

Playing with the kitten, do not provoke him to hiss, so he doesn't think it's appropriate in everyday life.

The domestication of cats

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And only if from your point of view, the cat hisses without any apparent reason, you can try to wean her from this bad habit. If the hiss is a reaction to your approach, it is better to leave the animal at some time in peace and give him the opportunity to get used to you. You can sit nearby on the floor, without trying neither to approach the animal or to summon him or to lure a treat. Just be there and sooner or later the cat will cease to show fear, perhaps even showing some interest. But at this point, you can't be impatient, start making a hasty movement towards her. Stay there, talk with her quiet gentle voice, wait until the cat itself is not suitable to you and are willing to RUB my face on your hand.

Never strike a cat, a far greater educational effect can be achieved by sprinkling it with water from a spray bottle.

Education cat

If the hissing is accompanied by scratching or worse yet, sudden attack by a cat, you need to take her otosheniya stringent measures. Learn the answer to simply say - no, then ignore the animal until then, until it has itself come to you. It is in any case sooner or later it will, though, because you get hungry. Exactly the same line of conduct should adhere to the rest of the family. So you have clearly identified the social status of cats in the house, she will have to obey the rules, recognize in you a higher rank person, sizzle which is in any case impossible.