You will need
  • Premises that meet the requirements of the licensing authority
  • Staff (5 people)
  • The package of documents for obtaining a license
  • Advertising media
Rent a room to house the new institution of preschool education. Remember that in the process of consideration of an application for a license is the compliance of the premises all required government agencies requirements plays a big role. It should also be borne in mind that the most sought-after kindergarten will be in the area where the "preschool" institutions little or not at all.
Find qualified and talented teachers to help your kindergarten will be able to stand out from others and find your unique "face". If you, as the head of the educational institutions themselves out of teaching environment (this is, incidentally, a prerequisite for obtaining a license), then find the right specialists will help you experience and connections in this area. Teachers – the most important link in the staff of a private children's garden, in addition they will need another Methodist, nurse or doctor, kitchen workers.
Collect the documentation required for obtaining a license to conduct educational activities. For consideration by the licensing authority must provide not only information about logistical and staffing of your institution, but also a methodological program of the children's garden. Also, the head of preschool educational institution is obliged to provide documents confirming the existence of a specialized education.
Organize an advertising campaign before opening a children's garden, using the services of print media and local TV channels. A good service will serve well as leaflets distributed in the area where the new center of preschool education will be deployed. Promotional materials must make it clear to parents what the "highlight" of the new children's garden, which distinguishes it from others in a better way.