To begin to understand a rather simple and obvious rule: what you see in the mirror depends on what is on your table every day. Improper diet - a recipe for a bad, dull skin. Why? Our skin is not only a kind of "shell", it is also the largest respiratory and excretory organ. Failures in digestion lead to the accumulation of toxins and harmful substances that appear and the skin including, settling on it with inflammation, pimples, clogged pores and earthy color.

Complete your menu dairy products, warm high carbohydrate Breakfast (oat porridge, for example) that customize the digestive system, protein (essential building material!) and rich in fiber fruits and vegetables. Discard the frying - first, steamed or steamed food retains more nutrients, and secondly you will save the body from toxic carcinogens produced by even the most useful oil when heated.

If you are young, but with an unpleasant surprise have found on my skin a few wrinkles, don't panic - maybe she just wants the water. Check out this simple way - just a little pinch a piece of skin and see how quickly it smoothed. If the trace is right - there is dehydration! So remember: at least 1.5-2 litres of water a day (depending on your height and weight). Always carry a bottle of non-carbonated pure water, and the morning begins with a Cup of warm water, which should be drunk in small SIPS for half an hour before Breakfast. It also improves digestion! Green weak and unsweetened tea is also a great assistant in the fight against dull and problematic skin, it is an age-old antioxidant.

Avoid stress and sleep at least 8-10 hours. Only this time, skin has the ability to recover. As for stress - you can kill two birds with one stone, by allocating weekly time for long walks or - even better - active sports. Run or bike in a beautiful Park - it is a great source of endorphins and improve blood circulation and saturate the skin with oxygen.

Of course, we have to act not only inside, but also to support and gratify your skin with a daily skin care. In the first place is to accurately determine the skin type. What is it you have - dry, oily, mixed, or, if you are very lucky, normal? Depending on this, choose daily care, which is represented in stores all programs for each type. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing are the three steps required all skin types - from normal to oily. Remember that exfoliation is necessary even dry skin, because dead skin particles are formed in and on it. Once or twice a week to do the rejuvenating vitamin mask your skin will Shine!